Open source

First you must know that our software is open source, you can find it on GitHub, you are welcome to check it, fork it and re-use it! We strongly recommend that you do it!

Secondly we hope you understand that this is not a finished (release) product. This is our first public alpha with the ambition to be used worldwide. This means that we did a lot, like really a lot, but there is still more work to be done. Work like better security and more measures that will improve the integrity, (re-)usability and open data application.


We store our data hashed and signed into a blockchain (SawRoom), you can retrive it to verify that matches with what you are seeing.

You can recreate the hash stored, it is a concatenation of: article url (https://Site.domain/path the site has the first char uppercase, no www.), title and content, the algorithm used is sha256. This hash is associated with a key ([article unique id]-[revision id]).

For your convenience we place those data above each revision, just click on the fetch date to open the accordion.


We sign each transaction with our private key, you can use our public key:
to verify and be sure that we put those data on the blockchain.

Ok, but how can I easly check the signature and the data in the blockchain?

For that you can use ZenRoom via ApiRoom, more details coming soon!

Coming up

We are working to improve the safety of our infrastructure, in the coming weeks we are going to implement ImmuDB as main database to avoid any data tampering.

We are also gathering funds to develop a browser extension to offer the edit's highliting system directly on the source's site.

After the beta we want to add a mechanism for the users to submit new sources automatically.

In a next phase we are planning to add an AI system to evaluate the quality of the edits assigning a score to each article and source.


September 2020 Launch Project Aletheia
December 2020 Prototype
January 2021 MVP Development
March 2021 Finalize Alpha
April 2021 Launch Public Alpha
May 2021 Troubleshooting & Bug Fixing
June 2021 Finalize Beta
July 2021 Development browser extension
September 2021 Release Browser extension
December 2021 Release Integrity Index