The mission

Journalism is about integrity, about reporting what is happening as what it is.
About keeping those in power in check and not to be afraid to inform the general public.

We see that this field is changing when it comes to politics, everywhere. What we see happening is the creation of a new type of ‘fake news’. Where journalism is used to manipulate the public opinion.

Our software helps identify edits on published news articles and thus providing a layer of transparency that wasn’t available on the web. All for free and in full respect of your privacy.

It's just a tool

With rewrited.news we provide completely free, open source and privacy respecting tools to the general public. To audit publications. To see what had to change, rewritten or removed.

This is an open alpha

This is a MVP (Minimal Viable Product), we hope that our software will be usefull to everybody worldwide. Also to the media, because the good one can prove that they act with integrity and objectivity, that they stand by what they publish and are not retroactively silenced.