Verba volant, scripta manent
But not online where articles get often rewritten.
Sometimes it's just a typo, sometimes it's to add some details.
But sometimes it changes the meaning of the story.
This is a new tool to give you a way to check it by yourself.

Thank you!

To all the participants in the beta of

We are now closing the online demo and we are focusing on the development of the browser extension for Firefox and Chrome, it will be soon pre-released to or supporters from BackMe, join them by making a donation here. Any contribution helps to speed up the development!
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Monitored sources

We are currently monitoring many news sources, take a look at the list:


Everyone is accountable.
aims to track and fight fake news.
It is a new tool for the public that allows in an easy way to check if/when/how a news has been edited.
is one of the tools provided by BackMe for freedom and the truth on the web.

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